Tasbeeh | Prayer Beads

Aside from cooking, I sometime do accessories for fun. I picked up these hobby through a colleague at work. To me she’s super creative. So I learn to do bracelets, Angels and butterflies chains from her. We stopped doing it for quite sometime now cos now she’s into ribbons and I’m just waiting for my mojo to come back. 

Yes, I do it for fun. No, I do not sell it. I will make it upon request. So mostly my family and friends are the people I give my prototype accessories to.

I received good news from Mr E, so I decide to make Fara these and hope she will use it in her daily prayers. #fauxpearls

SH is a good friend. I made these trendy one with charm-bears so it can be a bracelet but I doubt she will wear it lol. #cateyebeads

Mummy, my aunt has been supportive of me. Spiritually or emotionally which not many people can do. I hope this will serve her well on her daily routine. #fauxpearls

May this Ramadhan brings barakah to these strong and beautiful ladies. Amiin Insya-Allah.


One thought on “Tasbeeh | Prayer Beads

  1. Alhamdullilah…thank you for your generosity….May Allah bless you abundantly …insya allah..
    May you gain all the blessing from this ramadhan ….insya allh 😚😚😚
    Loves you always


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