Snow Skin Mooncake

Opportunity came knocking without you realizing it. I made these mooncakes fun. Honestly for FUN. I started getting orders from 3 trays to 7 trays to 36 pieces it was an overwhelming experience. 

All in all I made about 140 trays of mooncakes. All monie I pass to mom for her pilgrimage expenses. I’m glad that I am able to help. Alhamdulillah.

So initially the fillings were only chocolate, coffee and lotus and there’s more request for green tea and red bean too. So I included it in the order. My worst nightmare, people ordered durian mooncake. I want to faint. I turn down the orders. My mom told be that I just turned down rezki Allah gave me. 😩😩😩.  So I decided to take all the durian orders at the expense of my nose. My poor nose.  Aiyah it’s not that bad. Compared to the real durian. 

Recipe source: Noobcook

kaofen aka fried/cooked glutinous flour (糕粉) for dusting work surface, rolling pin, hands and dough

Mooncake Filling

500 grams ready-made mooncake filling paste (such as lotus paste, red bean paste etc)

Mooncake Dough

  • 100 grams kaofen sifted
  • 80 grams icing sugar sifted
  • 30 grams shortening
  • 150ml iced water with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • food colouring optional
  • Tools
  • mini mooncake mould (50 grams mold)

Dough (Mooncake Skin)

  1. In a large bowl, add flour and icing sugar. Rub shortening into the flour mixture with your fingertips.
  2. Add iced water and combine with a spatula until a soft dough is formed.
  3. Divide the dough depending on the number of different colours you intend to make. Add food colouring, a few drops at a time, to each portion and knead until the colour is well distributed. Add a few drops of ice water to help the colour to distribute evenly, if required.
  4. Divide dough into 15 grams pieces.
  5. If there are leftover odd coloured dough left, combine and weigh them into 15 grams pieces to make multi-colour snowskin mooncakes.

Filling paste

  1. Divide the filling paste into 25 grams pieces. If desired, add melon seeds to each serving of filling paste. Shape each dough into a ball.
  2. Make the same number of filling balls accordingly to the number of 15 grams mooncake skin dough you have.
  3. Making the snowskin mooncakes
  4. Add appropriate amount of kaofen to each portion of dough, a little at a time, and knead until it is no longer sticky. Do not over-knead.
  5. Dust hand or rolling pin with flour and flatten each dough into a small disc. Wrap the mooncake skin around the filling and shape it into a ball.
  6. Lightly dust the mooncake ball with additional kaofen. Place it in the mooncake mould and press firmly. Invert the mould and tap a few taps to push the mooncake out. Repeat until all the dough is used up.
  7. Store mooncakes in airtight containers and chill in fridge for up to a week. 

Credit: Mooncake dough recipe adapted from ZaTaYaYummy